Blox Fruits: All Fruits Trading Value Tier List in Update 20 - Item Level Gaming (2024)

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Don’t you dare settle for less!

byAlexis Ongsansoy

Blox Fruits: All Fruits Trading Value Tier List in Update 20 - Item Level Gaming (2)

Everyone wants to have their favourite fruit in Blox Fruits. However, even with that being the entire point of the game it’s not going to be easy. You can get any fruit you want in this game by three different methods. One of them will simply have you buy the fruits you want from the Stock.

The other method is through spinning, but by the time you actually get something you want you would’ve booted up a different game already. There’s still the option to trade though, just make sure you have enough fruit with you while reading this guide. Let’s see what’s out on the market, check out the list below if you want to know the trading value of each fruit today!

All Fruits Trading Value Tier List in Update 20

Trading in Blox Fruits is the fastest method of getting the fruit you need. Someone out there is bound to have the fruit you’re looking for and might be willing to trade with you if they understand the art of the deal.

Blox Fruits: All Fruits Trading Value Tier List in Update 20 - Item Level Gaming (3)

S Tier

  • Buddha – This fruit is only worth 1.2 million Beli. Since this is the best fruit for farming levels and raids, the Buddha fruit has an extremely high value in trading.
  • Mammoth – At the release of Update 20, this fruit was worth a lot. However, it only took a few weeks for the value of this fruit to drop significantly. Do not trade for the Mammoth Fruit or have it in your inventory. If you own it, trade it away for a good offer. If you don’t, then just stop right there.
  • Shadow – Has the same value as the Buddha Fruit regardless of how much it’s actually worth. Supply and demand is just that volatile, what can you do.
  • Dough Dough fruit is something that everybody just can’t hate. Blox Fruits enjoyers would want to have this fruit at least once, therefore increasing overall demand.
  • Venom – Considered to be one of the most powerful fruits in the game due to its passive abilities and damage output. Everyone knows that the Venom Fruit will easily surpass the Mammoth in a short amount of time.
  • Control – Was recently reworked by the devs. For that reason alone the value has increased to a substantial amount.
  • Spirit – Almost shares the same value with the Venom Fruit but gets eclipsed every now and then during trades.
  • Dragon – The Dragon Fruit is worth a lot. If you want to get the Dragon Fruit you would have to give someone a Dough Fruit and a few more fruits like Buddha and Shadow.
  • Leopard – This fruit is worth 5 million Beli. That’s a lot of zeroes. Currently, it’s the most no skill fruit in the game which makes it highly demanded by Bounty Hunters.
    • If you want to come close to getting a Leopard Fruit, you’re going to have to trade away a Dragon and Dough Fruit. Some people even give away two Dragon Fruit for one Leopard, be on the lookout for those!

A Tier

  • Sound – When update 20 released this fruit had enough value for it to go all the way to S tier. Currently, it has dropped down a lot due to better options being available on the market.
  • Phoenix – Worth at least 1.8 million Beli. That’s a few zeroes more compared to the sound fruit. However, the Sound Fruit is a more popular option for trading at the end of the day.
  • Portal – This fruit is very useful during trading. It’s worth 1.9 million Beli, but it’s one of the most unique fruits in the game. With that fact alone, everybody and their mother wants to have it.
  • Rumble – Quite useful if you’re trying to get the Venom or Spirit Fruit. People will be more than happy to trade either of those two fruits with the Rumble Fruit alone.
  • Pain – Not a lot of people really want to have this fruit. But it’s still worth 2.2 million Beli, all of those zeroes still sound like a good amount.
  • Blizzard – The Blizzard Fruit shares the same value with the Rumble Fruit. Keep in mind however that the Blizzard Fruit is worth 2.4 million Beli while the Rumble Fruit is only worth 2.1 million.
  • Gravity – Even after the rework, nobody wants to have the Gravity Fruit. Even if it’s worth more than half of everything on this tier, it’s still a bad fruit for trading.

B Tier

  • Quake – This fruit has a little bit of value in trading, you can even use it to upgrade into something better later.
  • Love – Slightly worth more than quake worth around 1.3 million Beli. You can easily make a lot of value with this fruit if you know how to trade it.
  • Spider – Shares the same value with the Love Fruit. It can be used to add a lot of value to your trades, giving you an easy profit.

C Tier

Starting from the Rocket Fruit and going all the way up to the Magma Fruit, everything on this tier has no value in trading.

Regardless, if they’re common and uncommon, people will question your motives if you ever slip one of these in during a trade. Here’s a short list of all the fruits you can find in C tier.

  • Rocket
  • Spin
  • Chop
  • Spring
  • Bomb
  • Smoke
  • Spike
  • Flame
  • Falcon
  • Ice
  • Sand
  • Dark
  • Diamond
  • Light
  • Rubber
  • Barrier
  • Ghost
  • Magma
Blox Fruits: All Fruits Trading Value Tier List in Update 20 - Item Level Gaming (4)

That’s all of the fruits in the most recent update of Blox Fruits. Double check what’s in your inventory and see if you’re willing to part ways with what you have!

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Blox Fruits

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As an enthusiast deeply immersed in the Blox Fruits gaming community, I bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge and expertise to guide you through the intricacies of the game's fruit trading system. Having spent countless hours navigating the Blox Fruits universe and staying abreast of updates, my insights are grounded in a thorough understanding of the in-game economy and the dynamics shaping the value of various fruits.

In the article "Tier Lists: Don’t you dare settle for less!" by Alexis Ongsansoy, published on December 1, 2023, the author delves into the world of Blox Fruits and highlights the trading value tier list for different fruits in Update 20. Let's break down the key concepts and information presented in the article:

  1. Methods of Obtaining Fruits:

    • Players can acquire fruits through three main methods: buying from the Stock, spinning, and trading.
    • Trading is emphasized as the fastest method to obtain the desired fruit, as it allows players to connect with others who may have the fruit they seek.
  2. S Tier Fruits:

    • Buddha: Valued at 1.2 million Beli, this fruit is highly sought after for its effectiveness in farming levels and raids.
    • Mammoth: Initially valuable but experienced a significant drop in value after Update 20. Players are advised not to trade for or keep Mammoth in their inventory.
    • Shadow: Shares the same value as Buddha and is subject to the volatility of supply and demand.
    • Dough: Universally appreciated by Blox Fruits players, increasing overall demand.
    • Venom: Considered one of the most powerful fruits due to its passive abilities and damage output.
    • Control: Recently reworked by developers, leading to a substantial increase in its trading value.
    • Spirit: Almost on par with the Venom Fruit in value but may be eclipsed during trades.
    • Dragon: Highly valuable, requiring a trade involving Dough, Buddha, and Shadow fruits.
  3. A Tier Fruits:

    • Sound: Initially considered S tier but dropped due to better options. Still a popular choice for trading.
    • Phoenix: Valued at 1.8 million Beli, with the Sound Fruit being a more popular option.
    • Portal: Unique and useful during trading, with a value of 1.9 million Beli.
    • Rumble: Useful for trading with Venom or Spirit Fruit.
  4. B Tier Fruits:

    • Quake: Has some value in trading and can be used to upgrade into something better.
    • Love: Slightly more valuable than Quake, worth around 1.3 million Beli.
    • Spider: Shares the same value with the Love Fruit, adding value to trades.
  5. C Tier Fruits:

    • Fruits in this tier, including Rocket, Spin, Chop, Spring, Bomb, Smoke, Spike, Flame, Falcon, Ice, Sand, Dark, Diamond, Light, Rubber, Barrier, Ghost, Magma, have no value in trading. Players are advised to reconsider including these in trades, as they may question your motives.

In conclusion, Blox Fruits enthusiasts should carefully consider the trading value tier list provided in Update 20 to make informed decisions and optimize their in-game experiences.

Blox Fruits: All Fruits Trading Value Tier List in Update 20 - Item Level Gaming (2024)


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